Is there a Heaven?
Is there a Hell?
Is there a God?
Is there a Devil?

Forget about deep questions like that?
Little Nicky is anything but deep. Actually, it's a really, really stupid movie.
And I laughed my ass off watching it!

Little Nicky is the latest Adam Sandler movie. He plays the son of the Devil (played by Harvey Keitel, who is wasted here, but probably took home a good chunk of cash, so more power to him). Sandler is funny in the movie, but annoyingly so due to the "speech impediment" and the fucked up face that may have the victims of Bell's Palsy up in arms. There was really no need for him to do the role that way…it's nothing but a cheap ass plot device, but whatever. I'll never make as much money as he does, so I'll just shut the hell up.

Some of the special effects in this movie, a lot of which takes place in Hell itself, are extremely cheeseball. I think all the budget went to Sandler, or maybe all the actors making cameos. Actually, there were a lot of cameos which for the most part were kinda cool. Of all the acting, the only real stand out was Rhys Ifans, who was so awesome in Notting Hill and even in The Replacements. He played Adrian, another son of the Devil, along with Tim "Tiny" Lister who played Cassius.

I dunno, Little Nicky was SO bad at times, it was almost painful, but still, I have to say I enjoyed it. Maybe it was some of the music, me being a rocker and all. There was a lot of stereotypical "metal head" stuff in the movie, so that was kinda cool.
Overall, Little Nicky had a lot of funny moments. I'm not sure it well do as well as some of Sandler's other hits, but his real fans will like it.