He's a real good guy. Kinda keeps to himself. Never really bothers anyone. Nobody really likes him much.
He's probably a little too nice. A little too caring, especially since nobody seems to appreciate everything he's offering.

But enough about me.

Loser is a film by Amy Heckerling who's brought us better movies before with Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and Clueless. Loser isn't a bad movie, but I don't think it's a particularly good one either.
Thing is, I'm not sure why.

The two leads, Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari, both from American Pie, (Suvari was also the Lolita-esque character in American Beauty) were perfect in their roles. They were both very likable as very different outcasts. So they're not the problem.

The romantic comedy aspect of the movie is very sweet, and since I'm man enough to admit that I actually like romantic comedies very much, that's not the problem either.

I guess my problem with the movie is the rest of the characters.
Greg Kinnear plays an asshole English professor, and he's good in the role, but the role itself is too annoying, and too stereotypical.
The biggest problem for me would have to be the asshole roommates Biggs gets stuck with. They are totally far fetched cartoony characters, and they almost totally ruin the movie for me.

Maybe Amy Heckerling should get out of the teen/young adult movie scene. Like I said, the romantic comedy aspect of the movie works well. So maybe she should move on to something more along those lines.
That's not to say that Loser isn't enjoyable as is, but I just know it should have been better.