So I had never heard of The Losers, the DC / VERTIGO comic book series by Andy Diggle and Jock. Oops. I’m sure it was cool, but I probably skipped over it because I’m more of a superhero and / or supernatural stuff fan, and The Losers is sort of military / mercenary type action stuff. So I can’t compare the movie to the source material. This is all about the movie itself.
When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I didn’t even pay much attention to it either. Then I saw it again and realized Zoe Saldana was in it. I am confessing right here and now that I basically saw this movie because NEYTIRI is in it. That’s true love right there.

The Losers tells the story of some military / governmental agency bad-ass misfits trying to bring down a megalomaniacal bad guy. Yep, we’ve seen this before. We’ll see it again. So when you’re doing a relatively cliché, formulaic movie, you better make it nice and enjoyable. Bingo. This movie is very enjoyable.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the leader of this crew, and he does a great job. Unlike his character in WATCHMEN, here he is thoroughly likable. Great job.
Idris Elba is the company hothead, and he doesn’t mess around. Great job by this up & comer who seems to be in a lot of movies lately, and even had a guest stint on The Office. You’d never know he was British, either.
Chris Evans, the soon to be Captain America, and the hopefully forgotten Human Torch, does a great job as the comic relief. He’s not inept at all, but he’s hilarious.
I have no idea who Oscar Jaenada is, but he did a good job as the rather quiet sharp-shooter. I also am not familiar with Columbus Short, but he was great. I hope he keeps on getting bigger and better roles. He can definitely go places.
Jason Patric is our baddie, and he does a pretty good job. He’s way over the top, which I don’t remember ever seeing Patric play, but it works, because this baddie shouldn’t be likable. And he’s not.
And Zoe. Zoe Saldana. Sigh…she’s lovely. She’s talented. She’s not blue here, or in her cute little Lt. Uhuru outfit, but she’s awesome. Great job, and imho, very believable as a bad-ass. A very hot bad-ass.

This Sylvain White directed film is an over the top action thriller with a lot of humor and quite a bit of heart. Maybe it’s just a rental, I dunno. But I really enjoyed it and I think if you’re looking for a good time, you can’t lose with The Losers.
Yes, I really did just write that…