I really, really like Angelina Jolie. I mean, really, really like her. I know she's not perfect, but then, nobody is. Yet as I watched this movie, I marveled at this woman's face. I love her face. Even when framed by obviously bleached hair, I love that face.
I watched her, and I looked at those lips, and I just imagined what it would be like…

Um, anyway, I really like Angelina Jolie, and in Life Or Something Like It she does a really fine acting job, and she has a pretty good chemistry with Ed Burns, or is it Edward nowadays? I like Ed too, but I've never thought about his lips.
But seriously, I do like Ed Burns, especially in the first two films he wrote and directed, The Brother's McMullen and She's The One. Here's he's just an actor, and does a fine job.

I really like Tony Shalhoub too. He's a fantastic actor and usually steals any scene he's in. This role is no exception. I also kinda like Christian Kane, who has a smaller role here. I mention him because he used to be a regular on a very cool TV show, Angel.

But mostly, I really like Angelina Jolie.

Too bad that this movie, despite all those people I like, and even the one I really, really like, Ms. Jolie, still managed to be boring and slow and just not very good.
It's kind of a shame, because as much as I like Angelina Jolie, I'm also a big fan of romantic comedies, and despite MS. Jolie, this one is very likable.

That is despite how amazing Angelina Jolie looks with glasses and a Social Distortion t-shirt on.
I wanna be that t-shirt!