Jim Carrey is trying so hard to get away from those zany comedies that established him as a comedic superstar. He has had some great dramatic roles, and he can definitely act, but unfortunately The Majestic needed even more than that.

In The Majestic, Carrey plays a man who ends up in a small town after a bad car accident and a blow to the head. He canít remember who he is, but the town supplies that information for him. This is all given away in the trailers and commercials for the film, so itís not a secret. Problem is, thereís really not much more going on in the movie, so it moves kinda slow, and to be honest, drags on for too long.

Director Frank Darabont has made some good movies, especially for me, THE GREEN MILE, but here there just isnít enough happening. So all we can do is appreciate the fine acting from Carrey, and veterans like Martin Landau, James Whitmore, and David Odgen Stiers.
Laurie Holden is also in the film, and does a nice job. Iím not sure if Iíve ever seen her before, but she has really nice eyes.

The Majestic is not a bad movie, but itís really not a very good movie either. It just sort of is, and I just wanted better.