You don't see much Film Noir nowadays, but hopefully Memento may bring the genre back.

Memento is a brilliant film from a director I've never heard of, Christopher Nolan, working from his adaptation of a short story. A whole lot of thought went into this movie, and though it is a little confusing, it was flawlessly executed. This strikingly original film is told in a very unique manner, and since I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, and I don't like to give out spoilers, I'm not gonna say anything more about the way it's told.

Memento stars Guy Pearce, an Australian actor with a dead on American flavor in his voice, who I first saw in another Noir-ish film, Curtis Hanson's L.A. Confidential. He is very good here, playing a man with a very strange sort of amnesia. I think he can become a top leading man here in the States if he keeps choosing good roles.

Carrie-Anne Moss gives her best performance ever in Memento. She shows a lot of range here. I really like Carrie-Anne Moss, and am glad to see that she's had some diversified roles since her star making role as Trinity in The Matrix.I'd love to see her really take off, and become a big time leading lady.
She's definitely got the looks and the talent to take her a very long way…

Joe Pantoliano is also in Memento, and as usual, he's very good. He has a way of being both cheery and creepy at the same time. Also in the film, in small, supporting roles, are two great character actors, Stephen Tobolowsky and Harriet Sansom Harris.
But really, the star of Memento is Christopher Nolan.
His direction is perfect, and like I said, even though this film is a little confusing, it should definitely make him a name among the indie crowd, and hopefully among Hollywood heavyweights too.