For about 15 years, Metallica was my band.
They were my be all and end all when it came to music.
They rocked harder than anyone else, and they could do no wrong.

The mid to late Nineties kinda changed all that though, and the mighty fell, and were no longer on top of my list. Still, “classic” Metallica still makes me smile, and yeah, it makes me rock hard.

SO now, a month before the release of what I hope is one of the best Metallica CDs ever, St. Anger, MTV decided to make them…ICONs.

Actually, I find it a bit hypocritical of MTV to do this. I mean, MTV is basically synonymous with hip-hop and pop, and Metallica didn’t even have a video until their fourth CD. But then, so what? Even if MTV sucks, at least it would be an hour plus dedicated to a kick ass band.
So a bunch of people get together and perform Metallica songs in tribute, and a documentary on the band also plays on screen.
And besides, Headbanger’s Ball is back, albeit only on MTV2.
Weird time for this to be happening, what with long time bassist Jason Newsted out of the band, and newbie Robert Trujillo appearing on the show, while still basically a “Metallica Virgin”. It was kind of weird to see him sitting there, when really hardly anybody really knew who he was.
Newted was shown in interviews, and he still seems very cool. I wish him all the best with Voivod, and his other projects.

The performances in the special were something else.
Avril Lavigne was actually pretty cool, but I have to admit it was really her band that nailed Fuel. Her singing was actually the weak spot.
Sum 41 did a medley of For Whom The Bell Tolls, Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets. They nailed the energy. They have a deep respect for all things metal, and for that I totally respect them.
Snoop Dogg. Fucking MTV sucks.
Aaron from Staind. Just him and some other guy with acoustic guitars doing a snippet from Nothing Else Matters. Nice.
Korn did One. I like Korn.
But Korn is not Metallica. That one was questionable. But I appreciate the effort.
Ironically Limp Bizkit did a good job with a Bizkit style version of Sanitarium.
Go figure.

Then came the boys themselves.
There was a lot of power there.
The did a medley. A really fast and loud medley.Their old stuff.
Thrash baby!
Then they started a new song while the credits ran, and it rocked pretty hard.

I'm, psyched!

All in all, I’m glad that Metallica was recognized. I still dig them, and I have to admit I’m really hyped about St. Anger. I hope that once and for all, Metallica is back!