There's a really ugly dog in The Mexican.
But that's not the only reason I enjoyed this movie.

The Mexican seems to be a small movie that somehow ended up with a big cast.
Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and from HBO's The Sopranos, James Gandolfini all fill up the screen for director Gore Verbinski's second feature film.
With a cast like that, there's really no way this movie can't end up being at the very least, enjoyable.

Brad Pitt plays Jerry, a runner for a Mob organization. Julia Roberts plays Sam, his girlfriend. Rounding out the cast is James Gandolfini as a hitman with a bit of a twist.

Brad Pitt is a very talented actor. He can play a variety of roles well, here portraying Jerry as a likable guy in an ugly business and a fish out of water situation.
Julia Roberts, as always, is great. She can say more with her face than most actresses can with pages and pages of script. Her character starts off a little screechy for my taste, but soon enough becomes very likable too.
James Gandolfini's gift is his curse…he's so good at being a tough guy, that it's hard to imagine him doing anything else. Here he shows a lot of range, but there's always that intensity lurking just beneath his eyes.

Gore Verbinski is a bit of an enigma.
His first film as a director was Mouse Hunt, a rather dark kind of family film.
I'm not sure if it was intended as a family film, but when your biggest star is a mouse, well, it's a family film.
Still, it was an OK movie.
With The Mexican, Verbinski show's he's grown up a bit, making an exciting movie with lots of comedy, but some attention getting dramatic scenes as well. The Mexican was written by J.H. Wyman, and quite frankly, the writing was the weakest link. Over all, the story was great, but at times the dialogue seemed a little strained. It also seemed a little inconsistent at times.
Still, with actors like those delivering the lines, I'm pretty sure The Mexican will be a hit.