I really didn’t even want to see Men In Black II.
I had very, very little interest…
And what’s worse, I can’t even remember how I felt about the first one. I think I was kind of indifferent to it, but thought it was pretty funny at times. I know I liked Tony Shalhoub and Vincent D’Onofrio, but I don’t think I liked the movie all that much.

So now comes the mandatory sequel…
Well, basically…I feel exactly the same way about this one.
The humor was definitely hit or miss.
Frank the Pug, was cute, but a little went a long way. The worms were kinda funny though.
Patrick Warburton has never been more wasted. Tony Shalhoub is still funny, but he’s barely in it. Linda Fiorentino’s character from the first film is only briefly alluded to in passing.
Tommy Lee Jones is pretty good, as usual. Will Smith was good, but I have to admit that after seeing him in ALI, this definitely seemed like a step backwards. I did really like the story between him and Rosario Dawson. She did a very nice job, and the two had a nice chemistry. She looked very different from her role in JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS.
Then there’s Johnny Knoxville…I really liked him in Big Trouble, but I really hated his character here…probably because of what I feel were not particularly good special effects. I know I’m an asshole, but I thought the majority of the special effects in this movie were not all that special.
God I’m picky.
Last but not least is Lara Flynn Boyle.
First thing’s first, she didn’t seem as horribly thin as she apparently is in "real life". Possibly that was due to the fact that her push up bra was so intense that I was focusing more on her cleavage than anything else. That of course is very wrong of me because she’s actually quite pretty, but for this role she had weird hair and make up, so I settled on the cleavage. I’m not proud.
But she did a pretty good job…

So what have we learned?
I laughed a bit, but still found MIIB to be pretty bad.
Yes, that sums it up nicely.