Wow. What a mess.
I blame Metallica and Limp Bizkit.
See, a few years ago when the first Mission Impossible movie came out, I didn't see it. I had no interest in it.
I'm not big on espionage or action fims. I was never particularly big on the old TV show either, although I did sit through a few as a young 'un.

So then I see the teaser to MI:2 a while back, and it looked really cool. It was all slow motion, and I knew John Woo, who directed Face Off and is basiaclly very cool, was directing this one.
Still I decided against it.

Then all of a sudden I hear the new theme from Mission Impossible playing on the radio...in the form of a rocking rap song by Limp Bizkit called Take A Look Around. Fucking song rocks!
They took the already cool music from MI, and pumped it up with a wicked guitar riff, and well I was almost hooked instantly.
Then I discover that Metallica contributed their first ever original song to a movie soundtrack to the movie. Damn. I'm not crazy about the song, I Disappear, but hey it's new Metallica, and there's nothing wrong with that.

All that being said I decided I must see this Mission Impossible 2 thing.
There's not enough action in it considering it's from an action guru like Woo, and damn, when there is action, it's SO stupid! I mean I wish I can get into some of the stupid shit in this movie, but I never get into details on movies I talk about.
But hey, these are just my opinions, so by all means go see it and waste your hard earned money.

Two positives though...Thandie Newton is really a beautiful, talented actress. She was much more appealing here than in her disturbing role as the title character in Oprah's weird Beloved, which I didn't like much either.
This movie also features a pretty good performance by Dougray Scott. He played The Prince in Drew Barrymore's Ever After, a movie I LOVED. More importantly he was all set to play Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men : The Movie. DAMN! He got hurt on the set of MI:2, so he had to back out of X-Men.
That sucks because watching him in this movie made me think that he might have pulled it off pretty well.

As for Tom Cruise, well he still gets the big payday, and I'm sure Mission Impossible 2 will make all kinds of money, so I guess to him it doesn't matter that it really did suck...