The Mothman Prophecies is a creepy movie.
It's intelligent, and it's surprisingly ambitious, but most of all, it's creepy.

Director Mark Pellington does a great job of moving the story along with a visual style that could have gone overboard after a while, but I think he stayed in control. The script by Richard Hatem was good, and while the movie was inspired by real life events talked about in a book by John Keel, I'm pretty sure Mssrs. Hatem and Pellington used a whole lot of dramatic license in the production of this film. But one thing I thought was kinda cool, and a throwback to old fashioned Hollywood nods was that an author in the film, played well by Alan Bates (last seen in GOSFORD PARK) is named Leek in apparent homage to Keel…

The acting in this movie is fine.
I don't like Richard Gere, and at times I still didn't like him here, but he did a good job.
Laura Linney is great. I know she's gotten a lot of buzz lately, and she deserves it. She has this comfortable feel to her…like you've known her forever. Very nice, and I have to say she looks really nice in this film, even with the drab uniform.
Will Patton is one of those "every-guy" actors, the kind you recognize by face not name. Well, I think as supporting actors go, he's very good.
Debra Messing isn't in the film very much, but I was surprised by her acting the most. Though I'm not a regular viewer of the show, I guess I, like most people, know her best from her work on the hit show Will & Grace. But here she's nothing like that.
I dunno, I was impressed…

The Mothman Prophecies isn't perfect. It's kinda Hollywood and it's kinda too kinetic at times, but overall I would say it's a good movie.
I dunno how much of it represents true events, but the premise is pretty cool, as is the movie itself.