Itís too bad I hate Sci-Fi, but I do.
Itís too bad Minority Report has so much Sci-Fi elements to it, but it does.
But I ended up liking Minority Report a lot more than I expected to.

The main reason I saw this movie is because I couldnít resist the superstar pairing of Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. Itís the first time theyíve worked together, and both are at the top of their game here. Tom Cruise really gives a great performance, playing a cop in a futuristic "pre-crime" unit who arrests people for crimes they have not yet committed.

Colin Farrell plays an FBI agent investigating the pre-crime unit. I had yet to see him in a movie before this, and was thoroughly impressed. I canít wait to see him as the villainous Bullseye in 2003ís Daredevil !
Samantha Morton plays one of three "pre-cogs", modern day oracles if you will. They see the future crimes, which is how the pre-crime unit knows who to arrest.
Herís was not an easy role, and she was very good.

Steven Spielberg continues to deliver quality movie making. Though my biggest complaint with this film is that itís too futuristic, ergo, too Sci-Fi, the look of the film is amazing, in both creativity and execution. I think the best thing about Spielberg is that though heís a genius, heís also very accessible. Yeah, I think AI was a bit much to swallow at times, but for the most part Spielberg tells cohesive stories. He likes to tell a good story, and here he does.

Minority Report is based on a short story by Philip Dick, whose novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was the basis for Blade Runner. There were some literary references throughout the movie which I enjoyed, as well as a couple of blink and youíll miss them cameos to look out for. (I blinked on one of them. Bummer.)
I think this movie will be considered one of the best of the summer, if not the year.
Iím not sure I hold it in such high regards myself, but Minority Report is a good solid film.