OK, sadly, Dave Mustaine from Megadeth suffered a severe injury to his hand, causing him to break up the band. That's sad in it's own right because though I've never loved the band, they were a good band, and though he had his problems, Mustaine is a unique singer and an excellent guitarist. Being that he finally seemed to have defeated his demons, this injury is a serious setback for him.

Thing is though, my favorite guitarist, Al Pitrelli, left my favorite band, SAVATAGE, to join Megadeth. Now with Megadeth disbanding, I read a statement from Jack Frost, a guitarist that recently toured with Savatage, saying that he was unceremoniously dumped in favor of bringing back "their boy" (Pitrelli).
See, I'm sorry for Frost, but Fucking A, Al Pitrelli's back in 'Tage!!!

But yeah, I guess Frost was shafted. And that's wrong. The same way Bruce Kulick, probably the best musician to ever grace a Kiss record or stage was shafted when Ace Frehley was suddenly back in the picture. I guess this kind of stuff happens all the time.
But it is unfortunate that often good news comes in the wake of bad news.