(as seen by others)

I recently posted a list of my flaws as told to me by a friend of mine.
I decided I should try to answer to some of the "charges"...

My responses are in italics.

* EXTREMELY closed-minded when it comes to certain things
Maybe I just know what I like? More on this later.
* Holier than thou (... you look down on all kinds of people)
* Judgemental

Hmmm, I am kind of judgemental, but I rarely think I'm better than anybody...
* Extremely negative
Well, yeah. I used to call it being realistic, and I still kinda see it that way. But sometimes if I go into something expecting the worse, I'm pleasantly surprised instead...
* Racist (fine, I'll accept "classist")
Yep, it IS "classism". I don't care about the race, but there's gotta be some class. And there's low class people of every race, and I rip on all of them equally. I'm not talking about socio-economic class. I'm talking about "class". My family has been lower class economically all my life, but we've never been accused of being "low class". It's not about money, it's about how you carry yourself as a citizen and as a human being.
Also, and this ties into the close minded thing, not liking rap or "urban" movies doesn't make me racist. My personal taste is my personal taste...right?

* Hypocrite
(you have shades of arrogance, holier than thou-ness, and other things you criticize others for)

Hmmm, I'm on the fence on this one. I really don't think I'm arrogant or "holier than thou". I dunno what else to say about that...
* Self-loathing
Oh absofuckinglutely. I absolutely hate myself. This is true.
BUT, Hell, I hate a lot of people. Really.

* Can't accept confidence in other people without calling it arrogance
Uh uh. Confidence IS different from arrogance. Some confidence is good; Arrogance is fucking annoying.
* Lazy
Yep. No arguments here.
* No drive or ambition
I agree, BUT, are those flaws? Is it my fault that almost nothing on this planet sparks any kind of passion in me?
* Content being miserable
Not so much content as very, very used to it.
* Self-pitying
As in I feel sorry for myself? To a certain extent, yes. But doesn't everybody?
* Can't be happy and alone, therefore, the happiness in an intimate relationship is mostly (NOT entirely) because of what it does to your self-worth
There's an almost euphoric bliss you experience when you're in an intimate relationship. At no point in my life have I felt that way while not in a relationship, so yeah, I guess that's true. No complaints here though...
* Does nothing to fix a bad situation
See "* Lazy", and Below...
* Not willing to take any risks
Well, not the big, important, life affirming and changing ones...

Actually, I'm sure some significant character flaws are missing from the list.
And then of course, there are all the physical flaws.
I've seen myself naked...and let me tell ya, that list would be a long one...