Pixarís movies have been getting progressively better.
I wasnít crazy about Toy Story, but was impressed with Toy Story 2, and I absolutely loved MONSTERíS INC.
So I was excited and curious about how I would like Finding NemoÖ

Well, when it was said and done, I really enjoyed Finding Nemo. I didnít like it as much as I liked Monsterís Inc, but thatís pretty hard to beat. And Nemo IS good. Itís very funny, and I think, kinda deep for a kiddie flick. But mostly itís funny. Very funny.

Albert Brooks provides the voice for Marlin, the clown fish that desperately wants to find his lost son. He hooks up with Dory , as voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Remember her? Itís been a while since Iíve seen anything from her, but damn, she is hilarious in this movie! Maybe this could be a new thing for her, voice- overs. She absolutely steals every scene sheís in. Absolutely brilliant!
There are a lot of other voices in the flick, and all of them are great, and most are funny. One voice that surprised me when I saw the credits was Eric Bana, the future star of The Hulk, which is my most anxiously awaited movie of the summer she-bang. Heís credited for "Chopper", and damn it if Iím not a hundred percent sure which character that was. I THINK I know which one it is, but since Iím not sure, I wonít sayÖ
Barry Humphreys voices Bruce, the huge Great White Shark. Iím not sure why they chose "Dame Edna" for that role, but he does do a good job, but I think itís really cool that they named the shark Bruce, because did you know that the big mechanical shark on the set of Jaws was nicknamed Bruce while filming? Yep, itís true.
Nice tip of the hat, if you ask me.
I tell you, these Pixar guys are coolÖback in Monsters, they had another industry tip of the hat inside joke too (the hot restaurant was called Harryhausenís, a nod to Ray Harryhausen, the innovator of stop motion animation in movies). I love that kind of stuff.
Yeah, I have a lot of time on my hands.

So I definitely recommend Finding Nemo.
Itís got a lotta heart, and even more laughs!