We have a winner!
Having had a shitty day, a shitty week, a shitty month, and by God, a shitty year, I needed a laugh. I got what I needed with National Lampoonís Van Wilder, a really, really funny movie that had me laughing out loud and forgetting life from beginning to end. After the funny, but over-all so-so SLACKERS and SORORITY BOYS, Wilder definitely takes itís place atop the list of recent ďcrazyĒ college flicks.

Van Wilder stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role of a college student firmly embedded in his seventh year of a four year school. This comes from National Lampoon, who really only had two good movies, Animal House and the first Vacation. This movie doesnít really rank with those in terms of being a classic, but I think it could be significant in the long run. Why?
Well, because this could be Ryan Reynoldsí ticket to fame. Heís really great here, showing wit and heart, but mostly wit. Iíve heard comparisons between him and Chevy Chase, but I think heís more high brow than Chase ever was. I first saw Reynolds on TVís Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place, and he was always the best part of the show. He has great timing and facial expressions, but not over the top like Chase or say, Jim Carrey. Great, great job.

Tara Reid is in this, and damn it, I just donít like her. Hell, Iím probably the only guy on the planet that doesnít like her, well, except for maybe Carson Daly? Anyway, no, I donít like her, but, sigh, I guess she did a good job here, and yes, she looked great too. Well, her face did anyway. Sheís almost Barbie perfect, that one. But Jesus Christ, would it hurt her to eat a freaking sandwich?
But yeah, she did a good job.

There are two smaller roles here that were very well done by Kal Penn as Van Wilderís enthusiastic assistant, and Daniel Cosgrove as a severely anal Pre-Med student. They were perfect, if not terribly cliched and stereotypical, but so what, this is comedy man. Itís best when over the top and in your face, right?

The Rated R movie is back in full force! Gotta love it.
Actually, all things considered Van Wilder is not as "Rated R" as it could have been, but just the same, for a raunchy good time, and a surprising amount of heart, I definitely recommend it!