Neil LaBute is the shit.

In The Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors were really good, really dark and quite disturbing movies. Neil LaBute wrote and directed both of those movies.
They are movies that stay with you because of their subject matter and their dialogue. Their casts were also notable; Each actor the perfect choice for his or her role.
If there was weakness in those films, it would have to be the direction. The scenes were very stayed, very little action or camera movement.

Nurse Betty is different. Here LaBute is only a director, working from someone else's script. Actually two writer's are credited. So I was curious to see what he'd do with Nurse Betty.
What he did was a pretty good job!
Nurse Betty is the twisted story of a diner waitress with a boring little life and a bad husband. When some really ugly shit goes down, Betty, played perfectly by Renee Zellweger, withdraws into the soap opera world where her dream man is a big shot doctor stud.

I never give anything away in the pseudo-reviews of mine, so I'll just say that the cast in this film is perfect as well. Renee Zellweger is probably the most adorable leading lady in Hollyweird nowadays. She just seems so sweet and cuddly and stuff. I dunno. Whatever.
Aaron Eckhart, who's been in all three Neil LaBute movies, is the loathsome Del, Betty's husband.
Morgan Freeman is just awesome in his role, not that I'm saying who oe what he is. He always has the perfect delivery, and I dunno, you kinda just wanna sit down and have a beer with him…and I hate beer!
Chris Rock was probably the weakest link in terms of acting, but overall he did a good job as the hot headed Wesley.
Finally there's Greg Kinnear as the aforementioned stud doctor / soap star. He was really great in his role. I'm really glad for him because his last role, in the movie Loser, was so bad.
Also in the film is one of my favorite actresses (though she is not listed in my Favorite Actresses List), Allison Janney. She is always great, no matter what she's doing!
There's a hot little chicky in this movie called Tia Texada. She plays Rosa, and she's really hot, in an illegal alien sorta way.
The biggest surprise to me was seeing Crispin Glover. Remember him as Michael J Fox's father in the Back To The Future films? WOW. I haven't seen him in like forever. And he was actually pretty good too.

The script, by John C. Richards and James Flamberg (never heard of 'em), is a pretty good one, even if the story is very, very farfetched and unbelievable. Still, it is an enjoyable film, and a thoroughly entertaining one. Neil LaBute's still not a Spielberg or , I dunno, insert name of a great director here, but he's come a long way with the craft of direction.
I hope with his next film that he's both writer and director again. Nurse Betty is definitely his most commercial movie to date, even with it's weirdness. I can't picture LaBute ever being too commercial, but I'm hoping he does in time become a bigger name in that wacky world of movies.