Iíve never really seen Animal House, but I would imagine any comparisons between that apparent classic and Old School must be grossly exaggerated. I can not see this movie ever becoming a classic.

I chose to see Old School because it was between that and The Life Of David Gale, and even though I respect the Hell outta Kevin Spacey, and Iím still madly in love with Kate Winslet, I just wasnít in the mood for a heavy drama. The fact that itís being panned by the critics didnít help either, not that I give them much weight anyway. If I wanna see something, Iím gonna see it, critics be damned. Well, the critics werenít very nice to Old School either.
With pretty good reason.

There are laughs to be had here, and the main three characters as played by Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson are all pretty cool. Those three actors did a great job. Vaughn is a really cool actorÖheís so natural that in every scene he has here, and everywhere Iíve seen him, he just seems to be having a conversation with someone. This kind of movie seems to be kind of a change of pace for him, and for Wilson, who does a great job. Itís kinda weird to see Wilson in this kind of movie, and to be funny in a pretty straightforward manner. He usually seems to beÖquirkier. Here he was more reminiscent of his real life brother, Owen Wilson.

Will Ferrell is sorely missed on Saturday Night Live. I know he left to broaden his horizons, and I can appreciate that, but I hope he gets better material than this in the future. Still, he is very funny here, albeit annoying as Hell. And for Godís sake, I hope he keeps his clothes on in the future. Leah Remini has a very small role in Old School, which is almost so unnecessary that I wonder why she bothered. Iím sure she can do much better. Perrey Reeves is not very well known, but I remember her from an early X Files episode where she was a vampire. Sheís attractive, and a pretty good actress to boot. Elisha Cuthbert, from TVís 24 is really, really hot. To think she used to be on a Nickelodeon show. The little ones...they grow up so fast!
I was very interested in seeing how Ellen Pompeo did in this movie. I care because she had one little scene in DAREDEVIL, as Karen Page, and damn it, if there is a sequel (hereís to hoping!) she should be a bigger part of it, at least if they are true to her character from the comic books. But she did a nice job here, even though she pretty much was standard romantic interest fare.

I wasnít expecting much from Old School, so I canít say I was disappointed. Still, it would be great to finally see a really good, yet really silly and funny movie.
Maybe next timeÖ

C +