I had a very strange day Sunday.
I have an uncle that lives in Ecuador. I've never met him. He's my Dad's brother.
A couple of weeks ago he e-mailed me out of the blue asking if I could do him a favor.
It seems that a good friend of his has a niece who was gonna have a two day layover in Miami en route to Los Angeles. His e-mail only asked if I could pick her up in the airport and give her a basic idea about Miami to help her out.
So I wrote him back saying that I would pick her up and try to help her out, but that I wouldn't be able to take her back to the airport because I couldn't miss work.
Well he wrote back and said he was embarrassed to say that what he had meant was could the girl stay with us for those two days then give her a ride back. UGH. No can do. I wrote him back and told him so, and that I figured she already had booked a hotel room, etc.
No, of course not. He told me that she didn't have much money, etc. I decided I better just back off and let him make the next step. He never did.
So Sunday being the day she was supposed to arrive at 120 PM, and since he never responded by e-mail (I had written him twice since then to confirm things) and since we couldn't reach him by phone, my sister and I went to the airport. This of course was after much arguing, because my sister thought (correctly)that I was absolved of any responsibility due to the fact that no one had ever confirmed anything with me. I actually agreed with that, but since I actually have a conscience I felt obligated to make sure that the poor girl wasn't gonna sit alone in an airport for two days.
So we went…
I had to hold up a sign with her name on it since I had no clue who she was, and she no clue who I was.
She turned out to be a cute, sweet girl with absolutely no understanding of English.
Since I had never been able to confirm anything with my uncle, my sister asked her what the plan was. She said that some lady was picking her up. All I could do was smile because of course my sister was right, and I, as usual, had just been screwed over.
However, we couldn't find the lady who was supposed to pick her up. The girl didn't know the lady's last name, and only had a basic idea of who to look for. She also didn't have a phone number to reach her. A good trip planner she apparently was not!
Finally at about 3 PM, after much calls to my house and to the girl's aunt house in Chicago (the aunt was apparently the only one who knew how to reach this mystery lady), we decided to bring the girl to my house where we could think cleary and find out how to reach this person.
We get back to the car to leave, but we're blocked in by some asshole who decided to squeeze in to the same space we were in! His car was actually touching mine, as if he slowly just squeezed into my car's rear end in an attempt to fit into the same space.
My sister immediately went to look for security, and I stayed there with this poor girl that surely by now had lost all hope of ever leaving MIA.
My sister emerges with the security guards who immediately start bitching about the asshole driver and plan for the car's immediate towing. Just as things were apparently getting settled, my cell phone rings. The mystery lady is now at the customs area waiting…she had been at the airport all along, but in the wrong area.
So I walk this girl back in to the airport proper and say my goodbyes.
I get back to the car, and it turns out that the asshole car is actually a stolen car!
The security guards help us get the hell outta there before the other car is ever moved, and that's about it.

I really think I should start having a camera crew film my life.
Considering I have no life, some really weird shit tends to go down…