So we went to MegaCon in Orlando.
My friend Jedi (AKA Spirit) and his girlfriend and I drove up early Saturday morning.
It was a typical MegaCon…my fourth, I think Or fifth. Whatever.
It's a huge comic book convention with a lot of comics, Sci Fi collectibles, and other nifty stuff. This year there were slightly bigger celebrities on hand too; "Xander" and "Tara" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer were there, and they seem to be very nice. They had huge lines, so I just stayed on the sides and tried my best to take decent pictures of them.

Actually, I took a bunch of pictures at the Con. I hope they come out OK.
I like to take pictures of those brave souls that actually dress up like their fave characters.
This year there was a pretty nice looking "Death", my fave character in all the comic book world. There was also a bunch of Anime characters walking around as usual.
I also took a couple of pics of some questionably attired female types.
I'm such a perv, baby! So yeah, MegaCon 2001 was pretty cool.

Then we went over to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
That was cool!
It's housed in a "tilted" building, and I must say that it was very interesting and pretty freaking nifty. I definitely recommend it to anybody who's into the bizarre.

Then it was time for dinner…
I was sad beyond words…
All along my friend and I had been looking forward to having dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Rio Bravo. You have to understand, my friends and I tend to be rather nostalgic, so we have basically blown Rio Bravo up to legendary status. So anytime there's talk of a visit to Orlando, Rio Bravo's supposed to be on the itinerary.
Well I guided my friends to the Rio Bravo location, only to find…Chevy's.
Now don't get me wrong, Chevy's is a fine establishment, but hey, there are Chevy's in South Florida. Rio Bravo was a symbol of the happy times from Orlando.
No Rio Bravo, no happy times.
Fuck the world, this is where I get off…

Well, after a good, but emotionally unsatisfying dinner, we headed back to our hotel room, for a game of Trivial Pursuit and a good night's rest before what promised to be a busy Sunday. Everything was going fine until our game was interrupted by an angry male voice screaming, "I'm gonna kill you bitch". Well you know, you get what you pay for, and our hotel room was CHEAP!
Luckily that threat was not followed by anything that sounded like gun shots, furniture breaking, or terrorized female screams, so I guess our unseen neighbor made it through the night…

Sunday came, and we went to an all you can eat breakfast buffet.
I'll tell ya, all in all this weekend I ate enough food to feed all the starving children AND Sally Struthers!

Then came our first visit to Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios.
And the rain.
I swear to fucking God it rained the entire 6 hours plus we were there.
Still, we had never been there, so it was very exciting, and the rain did have one upside…no lines what so ever. Well, with one exception, everybody lined up to buy those oh so attractive ponchos.
You know, when you're short, fat, bald, and ugly, and dressed like a fucking Hefty bag to boot, just put away the condoms. You're not gonna get laid…

Well, overall, I loved the place. I did have issues though…
As I have documented several times in this "journal", I am indeed the world's biggest pussy, and I just didn't have the testicular fortitude to get on the big rides.
Roller coasters just aint my thing.
In my humble opinion, to my credit, I did think about it though…
I figured if I could do Dr Doom's Drop, where you go straight up in the air, and then drop quickly, then maybe I could do the coasters.
Well, with heart in mouth I sat in that chaired, prepared to meet my destiny, but right before "lift off", the attendant checks my seat belt thingy and it just falls open.
She wiped it down since it was drizzling, but it just opened up again.
I took this as a sign that falling to my death was inevitable, so I said my good-byes and waited outside.
Suffice it to say I didn't really give the coasters much thought after that.

Let me tell you, I left that park so wet from the rain and the three water based rides we rode (which were awesome), that when I got home almost six hours later, my shoes, shorts, and "Hanes" were still soaked.

So that was the weekend in Orlando in a nutshell.
Nothing outta this world, but a good time, and a much needed distraction from the cruel real world.