To me, Angelina Jolie epitomizes a free, sexual spirit.
I find her overwhelmingly attractive, sexual, and sensual.
I also find her a little bit disturbing and even slightly revolting at times.
But even more important than all that, she's an excellent actress.
Unfortunately, she couldn't save Original Sin.

Original Sin seems to be one of those straight to video Erotic Thriller that just happens to star two pretty well known leads in Jolie and Antonio Banderas. Actually, there's a third character, but quite frankly I've never heard of the actor before, so oh well.
It's your standard formulaic betrayal with a twist piece.
I guess maybe it has slightly above standard sets for an Erotic Thriller, being that it's set in 1800's Cuba. But isn't Banderas a Spaniard anyway?
Whatever, now I'm just nitpicking.

Banderas isn't a bad actor, it's just that sometimes his accent annoys me.
Jolie isn't perfect this time either…she plays a relocated American, and I think her accent tended to go from too formal to too modern at times, but maybe that's just me.

What makes this movie almost laughable at times is the dialogue.
Not good.
But still, if you wait until it's on video or DVD, I'm sure there are worse ways to kill a couple of hours…