Damn, I really hated this movie.
I know my expectations were very high because I was so intrigued by the combination of wacky Adam Sandler (who I knew this role would be a huge departure for) and Paul Thomas Anderson, the uberkind behind Magnolia and Boogie Nights. Talk about an odd couple, but I knew it would be different, and it was.

Unfortunately it was too different. It was a little too weird and abstract and "artsy-fartsy", which I know sounds very rude, but itís the best way I can think to describe it.

The positives in this film come from great performances from Anderson regulars Phillip Seymour Hoffman and in a smaller role, Luis Guzman, as well as Emily Watson whoís always great and coincidentally just costarred with Hoffman in RED DRAGON. But I expect good stuff from them all the time.
Adam Sandler though. Wow. What a great job!
Like a car wreck, you just canít take your eyes off him. He does a really great job here.
But the weird thing, heís not all that different from his standard characters here, with a glaring exception, which I of course wonít get into. Still I think heíll get a lot of accolades for his performance which is kind of a rarity for himÖ

But the storyÖ
Oy vey, this was ugly.
I mean, at itís heart thereís something beautiful, but to get to that sweet core you need to dig deeper than I was willing.
But Iím a fan of Andersonís and Sandlerís, so I hope others are much more open minded than I, and that they get some kudos for taking a chanceÖ