I'm pretty well known for being "Mr. Negative", especially when it comes to self-deprecation. Well, as short, fat, bald and ugly as I am, I'm about to say something positive…
Even I'm better looking than Ron Jeremy!
Thing is, Ron Jeremy has a schlong the size of my leg, and that my friends is why he is the king of the porn world.

This is actually a depressing documentary on the life of Ron Jeremy, the unlikely porn star dubbed "the hedgehog" due to his stature and hairy physique.
Attractive, he is not. But he has, um, staying power in the porn biz…in individual sex scenes, if you know what I mean, and in the biz itself…he's been at it 20 plus years.
This movie felt so sleazy at times…I can't imagine being part of that world. Weird.
But Jeremy has a legion of fans, horny men that see him as an every-man who managed to get a sweet gig. By his own estimation Jeremy has slept with about 4 to 5000 women, for pay or for fun. I guess size does matter.
But this movie really is actually depressing. Jeremy really wants out of the porn world, and into legit entertainment. He does little things here and there, but most of the non-porn stuff he does is in parody of himself. His is basically a sad, lonely life…
But I give the guy credit for not falling victim to the vices that usually accompany the porn biz.

I don't know much about documentaries, but I think there are definitely better produced films out there, which is a shame, because it would be cool to hear the name Pornstar: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy read aloud at the Oscars next year. But I don't think that'll happen. I found the subject matter both fascinating and distressing, but the presentation could have been better. More cohesive. Still, it was an interesting hour and a half.