I can’t remember why I wanted to read Christopher Priest’s novel The Prestige so bad, but a while back, I wanted to, and so I did. I remember being slightly disappointed by it, but I think that was because most of it was in the form of journal entries by the two lead characters and it was a little slow at times. But I truly remember so little about the book, that I can hardly compare it to the movie from the brothers Nolan, Jonathan and Christopher. Still even with my terrible memory, I know there are significant changes between the two.

Think of it as Batman versus Wolverine…
Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman portray two dueling magicians at the turn of the 20th century, each seemingly obsessed at ruining the other’s life at any given time. Michael Caine plays Cutter, a manager type that works with them each at one point or another. The film also features Scarlett Johansson, who, just as in THE BALCK DAHLIA, does nothing wrong, yet still doesn’t terribly impress me as an actress. Guess she’s nice to look at though…

David Bowie has a nice turn as Nikolai Tesla, the electrical genius, but while I enjoyed his portrayal very much, I have no idea what the true Tesla was like, so…

It’s very hard to say anything about The Prestige, because it would be very easy to give something away, and we wouldn’t want that.
Suffice it to say that at two and a half hours, it’s never really too slow, and some of the visuals are very nice, while the acting is superb. It was very cool to see director Christopher Nolan reunite with the stars of BATMAN BEGINS in Bale and Caine. Both gents are excellent, in roles very different from their previous. Both brothers Nolan and Bale and Caine will work together again very soon for the next Batman film, The Dark Knight, and obviously, WE CAN’T WAIT!
Jackman is really amazing, as he’s miles way from the role that made him famous, that mutant berzerker Wolverine. A lot of character and nuances…nicely played, sir!

Well, I guess that’s it. Short and to the point.
The Prestige is a good flick. Check it out.

A -