I hate disaster movies.
So I didn't wanna see The Perfect Storm. But I saw it, and I guess I have to say that I did enjoy it.
Hmmm. Maybe I didn't enjoy it per se, but I did appreciate it.
It's a relatively well told story, based on real people and real events that happened in 1991.
I think the dialogue for a lot of it was pretty corny, cliched stuff, BUT the actors did a great job with what they had to work with.

George Clooney leads an ensemble cast, which also includes Mark Wahlberg, and one of my favorite character actors, John C. Reilly. All the acting in the movie is superb, but at times Diane Lane, who plays Walhberg's girlfriend (they don't get into the fact that she's a lot older than him) would slip up on the Gloucester accent. Before this movie I had no idea where Gloucester was, or for that matter, that there indeed was a Gloucester. So now we know.
My favorite character in the movie was a guy named Bugsy. He was played by this guy who has been in quite a few movies, I think, and also on a weird episode of The X Files. Damn, it's a good thing I don't get paid for this shit, because I have no clue what this guy's name is!
Anyway, he was really good, so there!

So The Perfect Storm wasn't my kind of movie, but I'll give them an A for effort.


I can't believe I saw The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.
I can't believe I actually ended up liking it too.
OK, again, "liking" is a strong word. But I did appreciate it.
See, this movie doesn't take itself seriously at all. It's one bad joke after another.
And damn it, I can appreciate that!

Jason Alexander is OK as Boris Badenov, Robert Deniro is, I dunno, annoying, as Fearless Leader, but Rene Russo is kinda hot as Natasha. She looks like an older Goth Chick. Yummy.
Piper Perabo plays a very young FBI agent, and she's kinda cool too.

Rocky and Bullwinkle went off the air in 1964, but continue in reruns to this day.
No doubt if this movie is big enough, sequels will abound.