Well, what a wacky little guy that Marquis De Sade turned out to be!
That is if Quills has any actual fact in it…
It seems to be a serious case of Revisionist History, but it's a damn good time anyhow..

Geoffrey Rush is just awesome as the twisted Marquis! He's both repellent and fascinating. I also thought Joaquin Phoenix was great in his role as Coulmier. He was actually very likable, which is odd for him because he's usually so creepy.

Of course my heart here belongs to Kate Winslet.
Ah, Kate, how I've missed you! (Sorry, I missed Hideous Kinky and Holy Smoke, but I'll catch them on DVD, really I will!)
I've never seen Kate Winslet give a bad performance, and here as chamber maid Madeleine, she is wonderful.

Also in Quills is Michael Caine.
I think he and Helen Hunt have been cloned…damn, they're everywhere!
As his wife is a BEAUTIFUL newcomer named Amelia Warner.
Oh My God! What a beauty. Where do I get one of those?
So far she's only done TV…mostly British productions.
I can't help but think she'll get some more film work outta Quills!

Along with the excellent acting, is a truly fascinating story and some interesting and disturbing visuals from director Philip Kaufman, the man that brought us , among others,Henry and June, the world's first NC-17 movie.

Quills will both disturb and thrill you...
It's a bit like a bad car wreck...you wanna turn away, but you just can't.