Renaissance Man

On Saturday, the Gypsy, her daughter and I went to the Italian Renaissance Festival at Vizcaya.
For anybody reading that's not familiar with the area, Vizcaya is a historical museum and garden that sits on the waterfront of Key Biscayne, Florida. It's a huge mansion that was owned by rich people (duh) many moons ago. Now the rooms are preserved to show the little people how the big people lived in days of yore. There's crap in that house dating back to like the 14th Century. No really.
So we went to this festival that took place on the Vizcaya grounds, not in the mansion itself. (I paid a little extra to tour the house too). Well, we had a great time!

I've always wanted to go to one of these festivals. It really was like going back in time. There were a lot of people in period costumes...both festival participants and enthusiastic festival visitors. (The Gypsy already swears she will dress up for next year). The first thing we did when we got there was to get the little one's face painted. Gypsy was impressed enough with her daughter's look to go ahead and get her face done up too. They looked great...and if the pictures come out well, you'll get to see for yourself. Then we just walked around looking at all the cool things the vendors sold, and looked on in awe as the performers walked around in these awesome, elaborate costumes. Oh and I must say because I tend to border on the perv side, there was a whole lot of cleavage going on. It's a good thing I wore my sunglasses the whole time. Heh...kidding. Ahem.
Anyway, we watched some of the performances, including a genuinely funny take on Romeo and Juliet, and we also pigged out on Steak on a Stake. YUM!
We were there for about 5 hours, and it was a great day over all. There was a few minutes of ugliness when it started raining big time, and everybody ran into one of the few covered areas for what seemed like an eternity. (Hey maybe I'm claustrophobic too. Joy.)
I can't wait for next year's festival...and to be honest, I may not have to wait that long because I'm pretty sure that there is a similar festival up in Broward County every year. Cool!

Well, I guess I shouldn't get into anything else here, but I do kinda wanna say that after the festival yesterday and then today as well, there was a whole lot of mixing of my family with the Gypsy and her daughter. Well, I have to admit I get a little uneasy when that happens, even though there has never been a problem. Anyway at this point, it's becoming pretty comfortable, which kinda worries me. I mean my folks seem to really have a fondness for the Gypsy, which is cool. But they seem to be too fond of the little one. I mean, they basically treat her like a grand daughter, which is touching. Amazingly enough, she seems to be very fond of them too. Weird. I mean I guess I should just shut up and let what will happen happen.
I just hope it's all good.