Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, and director Brett Ratner reunite for Rush Hour 2, an unnecessary, but ultimately entertaining action comedy.

Although I'm not into action movies at all, the comedy in the original Rush Hour made it enjoyable for me. This time around I wasn't sure if I'd wanna see it until I found out that CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON'S Ziyi Zhang was going to be in it. That made me want to see it a lot!
She's the younger of the two leading ladies from CTHD, and she's amazing. She has this innocent face and a beautiful smile, but she's a one hundred percent bad ass chick!
She is good in RH2, but sadly she's not in it very much.

No, this movie belongs to Chan and Tucker. They have a pretty good chemistry together, despite Chan being pretty hard to understand. I don't want to sound rude, but has his English gotten worse?
Hell, at times Tucker's kinda hard to understand, as his voice gets higher and higher when he's excited.
But he is funny, and some of his fish out of water scenes were really great.
Chan is still amazing. Getting a little older doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all. Some of his stunts are so crazy, it's amazing this man's in one piece!

Rush Hour 2 starts a little slow for my tastes, but it definitely gets better.
Oh, and be sure to stay for the end credits.
Good stuff.