I admit it, I hardly slept last night.
This one stays with you.

The Ring is based on a 1998 Japanese movie Ringu (which in turn is based on a novel). The American version is adapted by Ehren Kruger and directed by Gore Verbinski. Personally I often feel that foreign films are better than American ones. I also realize that often American movies can be very commercial, totally meaningless escapist entertainment. Iíve never seen the original Ring, so I canít really compare the two films, but I can say this, the Americans did a good job!

After MouseHunt and THE MEXICAN, both of which I actually enjoyed, Gore Verbinski has suddenly demanded to be taken seriously. He directed this film wonderfully. He followed the ďless is moreĒ school of thought and it works perfectly. From the get go, this film is imbued in an atmosphere of gloom.
I think I overuse the term "visually stunning", but if the shoe fitsÖ

The cast in this film is also flawless.
Naomi Watts does a really great job as a reporter investigating a family tragedy that just gets darker and scarier for her and her family. Iíve never seen her before but I know she got raves for Mulholland Dr., and I know sheís best friends with Nicole Kidman from THE OTHERS. I even think they look alike. Ironically The Ring is being called this yearís The Others. Go figure.

Martin Henderson and Brian Cox are both in the movie, and both are excellent as well. Stealing the show though is young David Dorfman as Wattsí son. I wonít compare him with Haley Joel Osment because the roles are very different, yet somehow similar. But young Mr. Dorfman did an outstanding job. His interaction with Watts is perfect.

And then thereís Daveigh Chase. Damn. I dunno what to say about herÖ

I used to think The Blair Witch Project was the creepiest thing Iíve ever seen. I was fascinated and horrified and I bought the DVD afterwards but never wanna see it again. Despite some minor flaws, I think maybe The Ring may be the scariest thing ever.
I dunno.
Maybe Iím way off base.
But Iíll buy the DVD, but Iíll never watch it.
I donít want those images coming off of my TV.

This oneís gonna stay with meÖ