Serving Sara is a lazy Sunday afternoon rental, but out of boredom, I saw it theatrically.
Itís not a good movie, but it does exactly what itís expected to do.
You laugh where youíre supposed to, and you roll your eyes more than once.
Still, the end result is a positive, because you killed an hour and a half while being entertained.

I used to love watching Friends, but for whatever reason, I stopped watching. Matthew Perryís character Chandler was always my favorite. He was funny, and witty and an all around good guy. In Serving Sara, heís a frustrated process server who is always at odds with his boss and annoying co-worker. Perry does a pretty good job, but Iím not sure I bought him one hundred percent.

Elizabeth Hurley plays the title character, and she does a decent job too. Itís not too well written of a role, so to be honest, she basically just has to look good. And damn, she does do that well. Thereís also something about her voice. Itís, I dunnoÖthroaty? Husky?
I dunno, but coupled with her British accent it definitely gets your attention.

Also in this movie, but with not enough screen time is the great Bruce Campbell.
Just seeing his face makes me laugh. Iíd love to see this cult icon get more and more roles. Heís just too cool!

So yeah, Iíd wait for the video on this one.
Itís funny, but not necessarily worth leaving the house forÖ