SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

So Frank walks by the front of the office and says almost nonchalantly, "a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center".
I thought to myself, "oh shit", but then right back to processing time sheets.
Then Vivianne gets a hysterical call from her mother saying a second plane just crashed in to the WTC, apparently on purpose.
And all of a sudden, the world as we know it changed substantially…

I was numb.
As we scrambled to hit the news websites, all of which were crawling, if not just flat out unavailable from all the traffic, the radio kept seeming to make things worse.
Another plane crashed...this one into the Pentagon?

What the fuck!
It was like a nightmare…things just were happening too fast, and nothing really made sense. It couldn't be real.
But it was real, and soon enough a fourth plane crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania, possibly headed to DC.
4 hijacked airplanes in about an hour's time.
Fucking amazing.
Fucking terrifying.
This country is anything but innocent, but somehow, we had a sorta manufactured innocence before the previous, less aggressive attack on the WTC, and the horrible attack on the Federal building in Oklahoma City. Since then, we had recultivated that innocence, and now that has all been ripped asunder.

Some women in my office were crying.
I kinda wanted to myself, a combination of the horror that was unfolding across the country, and not being able to contact and communicate with the one voice which I would have found most soothing at that moment.

This isn't supposed to happen here. This is a new, unprecedented horror for us as American citizens, that many may never really be able to erase from memory.
The look on the faces of those at ground zero is as tragic as anything I have ever seen, real or a product of Hollywood.
Hollywood. Ha!
Nobody would even have bought this if it was a script! 4 hijackings in one day…and hour apart, no less?
Suicide bombers? In America?
But oh yes, it's all too real, and God damn it, it just hurts.

A Blanket Statement

I know it's stupid, and ignorant to make a blanket statement…
But it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being either, so fuck it.

Kill them.
Kill them all.
Those fucking little fucks celebrating in their fucking streets and handing out candy like they just won the fucking Super Bowl of International Terrorism.
Just kill them.
Kill the old ones first…they believe, and they taught the youth.
But then kill the youth.
Don't let their innocent faces and pathetic cries for help or fucking Allah fool you. They are inherently evil fucks and have no practical use on this planet.
Just fucking kill them.

I know, then a new, and possibly more insidious evil will rear it's ugly head…
We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't…

"It's the end of the world as we know it"…and I'm fucking scared.