I don't consider it a threat to my masculinity that I enjoy romantic comedies.
I don't even consider it a threat that while I enjoy them, the good ones depress me because they are so perfect, and everybody's so perfect, and they all lead these perfect lives, and the films always end all perty and wrapped up in a great big Hollywood bow of "happily ever after".
So all that being said, I must say that I enjoyed Serendipity, and yeah, it depressed me…so it must be good.

Like one of the main characters in the film says, Serendipity is a great word.
It just sounds nice…and what it means, a fortunate accident, is pretty cool too.
I even think it would be a great name for a girl…but it may lead to some school yard teasing…

Anyway, back to the film itself.
Nice, sweet movie, with a great cast, and all the trimmings for a typical Hollywood romantic comedy. Since the story is formula Hollywood, I won't really get into it.
They do talk about some stuff like destiny and fate that in a deeper, more substantial flick coulda gotten pretty interesting. Still, even wrapped in fluff, it was still kinda cool.
The cast was really good. Led by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, it aslo includes one of my favorites, Jeremy Piven, as well as a small but pretty funny role for Eugene Levy, now best known as "Jim's Dad" in the American Pie movies.
Cusack and Beckinsale are pretty good together, but their chemistry is kinda suspect because they spend very little time together on screen. Cusack's a very likable guy, and even though he's not the innocent little teenager he played early in his career, he still has a certain youthful charm to him.
No, I'm really not gay.
Kate Beckinsale is very sweet in this movie, but then I have a weakness for the whole British accent thing. I would like to see her make it big, but I dunno how the Box Office will treat Serendipity, and her last flick, one I purposely avoided, Pearl Harbor, was deemed kinda disappointing…but I'm sure that she had very little to do with it's lackluster performance.
Jeremy Piven is always so awesome. I just love his delivery and the air of wit he has about him, no matter the role.
My only concern is the hair.
Is he wearing a toupee?
Is he a member of the Hair Club for Men?
If your balding just let it go man. Sheesh.

So yeah, Serendipity is exactly what you think it is when you see the trailer and the ads.
It's lighthearted escapist stuff. Nothing more, but nothing less either…