I didn't wanna see Shaft.
But I saw it…and I loved it!
Shaft, starring Samuel L Jackson as one bad ass motherfucker is a really fun movie.
I don't remember the original, which starred Richard Roundtree, who has a small but very cool supporting role in this version. I know the original was basically a "Blaxploitation" flick. This one isn't really, but occasionally you can see traces of that genre in the dialogue.

Samuel Jackson is very good as a bad ass. He just has this attitude and presence. I think he did an awesome job.
That being said, I think the two villains of the movie were even better!
Christian Bale, who I'm pretty sure is British, plays a spoiled New York rich guy perfectly! He's actually a bad ass in his own right, but in a very different way than Jackson.
I dunno, I just get a kick out of non-Americans who can pull off American roles. Actually there's another example of this in the movie. Australian Toni Colette, who was so awesome as an American single mother in The Sixth Sense, also plays a New Yorker in Shaft.
Also, in a very funny supporting role is rapper Busta Rhymes, who turns out to be quite adept at comedy!

But for me, the show stealer was an actor named Jeffrey Wright, who plays an ambitious drug dealer named Peoples. He too is not playing his true race. He plays some sort of Latino, but I'm not sure of what Nationality. He plays the role slightly over the top…think Tony Montana on crack, but he's actually very likable playing a despicable character. And he helped make Tiger Woods that much more interesting…
I hope to see more of this actor soon.

Shaft isn't a perfect movie. Far from it actually.
At times it seems like a legitimate police drama. Then it becomes almost campy. Then it's an all out, and kinda far fetched action flick. But the spirit of the movie is always the same, and it works.
I can definitely see another Shaft movie being made if this is big enough of a hit.
That'll work for me.