Guy Ritchieís take on Sherlock Holmes, the iconic master detective was pretty cool. Iím not too familiar with the actual Holmes stories as created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but the little Iíve tried to read I found kind of dull and boring. Thatís more of a critique of my immaturity than the authorís talent, but it is what it is.
Iíve also watched a few of the classic movies, as well as the Jeremy Brett TV show, and none of those really did it for me either. But I did like Brettís take on the character, which really kind of came off as aloof and condescending.

Robert Downey Jr. steps into the role here, and like almost everything he does, he does it very well. He may be a bit more personable than previously portrayed, but Downeyís Holmes is still not very accessible. It takes some work to get to know him. But itís an excellent ride in getting to do so.
Initially I was a little put off that Ritchie went with an American for the role, but I had faith in RDJr, and he didnít disappoint. The manís accent is flawless, and thereís no denying his charisma.

Jude Law is excellent as Dr. Watson. I always remember Dr. Watson being kind of a meek, timid man, but Lawís take on him is as a no nonsense go-getter, whoís almost as intelligent as Holmes himself. Law is really great here, and Iím glad heís got more movies coming soon. I think people forget how good he is.

Rachel McAdams is very good as Irene Adler, a character Iím unfamiliar with. Truthfully, I canít even remember if she had an accent in the movie or not. I guess it doesnít matter; she was fine in the role.

Mark Strong impressed me. Heís very good as the nefarious Lord Blackwell, another character Iím unfamiliar with. Iím not sure if heís new to the Holmes mythos, or if heís appeared before. Anyway, Strong is very good. I only know him from STARDUST, and I can see him playing old school British villains at will.

Many writers are credited with this new take on Sherlock Holmes. Itís not always a good thing when many writers are involved, and I think the film may have suffered for it. It seemed a bit slow at times, and it tried to balance the mystery aspect with a more modern feeling action aspect a little too much. But overall, itís enjoyable. It sets up a sequel nicely, so Iím sure we can expect more Sherlock Holmes soon enough.

B +