Much like the movie I reviewed earlier today, ICE AGE, I had heard pretty bad things about Showtime, but I like comedies, and I really like Robert Deniro in comedies, so I decided to see it in anyway.
Iím glad I did, because even though itís not a great movie, I sure laughed a lot.

Eddie Murphy and Robert Deniro have pretty good chemistry here.
Murphy is still one of the funniest people around, and even though the Showtime isnít one of his best, itís still a solid performance.
Same goes for Deniro.
When he does comedy, itís usually great, Analyze This and MEET THE PARENTS being the standouts. Again, the material isnít the greatest, but he does a great job with what heís given.
Rene Russo plays the overly ambitious TV producer here, and sheís pretty good too, though her role isnít very juicy. But she sure is perty though.
My biggest problem with this movie is the villain, as portrayed by Pedro Damian, an actor Iíve never seen before. Iím sorry, but he was pretty bad. He was so non-dynamic that the little screen time he had was boring.
Iím probably nit-picking, but Iím just calling it as I see it.

Showtime is basically a buddy cop flick, brought up a notch by including two good actors in the lead roles. There was way too much over the top action in itÖI would have preferred the emphasis be placed more on the chemistry between the two leads than on gun play and explosions, but when itís all said and done, itís still a funny flick.