Shrek is a hilarious fairy tale that relentlessly pokes fun at the ruling "Kingdom" of entertainment.
I don't wanna give too much away, but let's just say that it's ironic that I saw this movie the day after I spent 9 hours, and a whole lotta money, at EPCOT Center.

Shrek stars Mike Myers as the voice of the title character, an ogre that is feared by everybody for his monstrous ways. But come on, he's the lead character, so you know he can't be all that bad…
Myers does a great job here, but I'm not sure why he affects a Scottish accent…

Eddie Murphy voices Donkey, the, uh, donkey.
He's very funny and almost steals every scene he's in.

Cameron Diaz voices Princess Fiona, the not so helpless damsel in distress.
Diaz is fine, but it's the character's physicality that is memorable, not her lines or their delivery. Good stuff.

Rounding out the cast is John Lithgow as the diminutive Lord Farquaad.
(Try saying that fast in a Rated PG movie…)
Lithgow does fine here, but it's who and what his character reflects that's important.

One of the producers of Shrek is Jeffrey Katzenberg, who once was head of Disney Animation. The obvious in-jokes at the expense of his former employer come fast and furious, and they're all funny as hell.
Actually, Shrek pokes fun at fairy tales as a whole, and let's just say that there are a lot of "cameos", if you will.
Completely computer animation, the characters in Shrek have a strange look, especially the human characters. They look kind of real, yet not, which makes them kinda disturbing, but maybe that's just me.
Even though I realize that it must have taken a whole lotta work to create all that animation, it's really the writing that stands out. I know Shrek is based on a book by William Steig, but I've never read the book, and don't know how closely the book and the film match up.

Whatever the case, Shrek is a great movie.
Kids will wanna see it, but it's not just for them…parents will be laughing even harder.