I'm not sure how to review this movie, Slackers.
I was expecting a totally shallow farce, but then it kinda developed a bit of a soul, and then, unfortunately, it got all Hollywood on me…

Slackers stars Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, and Michael Maronna as three schemers who have scammed their way through college. Jason Schwartzman plays the freaky guy who wants to get them expelled and James King is the girl that ties them all together.
I recognize Segel from a good but under-rated (and now gone) TV show called Freaks & Geeks. He's pretty good here, as he was in the show. Devon Sawa is kind of the lead role here, and while this is a step up from Idle Hands, he may not be quite ready for leading man roles just yet…
James King's pretty good here. I dunno how much acting she's done, but she's best known as a model. Ironically she sort of plays a "girl next door" type, and I think she did a nice job.
Jason Schwartzman is a freak!
Like his role in Rushmore, his character here, "Cool Ethan", is a very strange person. Maybe that's his niche, playing the weirdo. He's definitely good at it.
Though not a very likable character in the film, Michael Maronna impressed me the most. This is mostly because even though I was too old to be watching it, I remember him as one of the title characters in the truly weird show on Nickolodeon, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. That was such a wacky show, and I think it had a cult following despite the demographic. I mean what other TV show could brag the talents of recurring guest stars Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, and Janeane Garofalo? Not many.
Maronna also got some pop culture cred as the way cool freaky kid in the TV ads. He's definitely got a look all his own.
The movie also featured a couple of surprising cameos, and a kinda surreal situation with an aging B-Movie queen. Hey, it's not too often you see sixty-something year old breasts on screen, ya know?

So this movie kinda surprised me.
Was it good? No.
Was it bad? Not really.
Was it entertaining? I'd say yes.
So if you're bored enough and wanna laugh a little, go ahead, see Slackers.