Well, this was a really stupid movie.

Like the original, Scary Movie 2 spoofs horror movies.
While the first focused on teen slasher flicks, this one deals with the supernatural variety. Everything from The Exorcist to the recent suckfest, The Haunting gets skewered Wayans brother style.

But my God, this was a stupid movie.

Also like the original, this movie takes sexual situations to the extreme. But this one also seems to rely way too much on
bathroom / body function humor.

But damn, this was really a very stupid movie.

Coming back from the first film are Anna Farris, Regina Hall, and Shawn & Marlon Wayans.
Also back to direct is their big brother, Keenan Ivory Wayans.
New to this one are Tori Spelling, Kathleen Robertson, Chris Elliot, David Cross, and Tim Curry.
For some reason, Tim Curry is one of my favorite character actors. But I don't know why…
I really don't think he's done anything memorable since his role in the fantasy cult classic of sorts, Legend. His character in Legend, Darkness, is one of the coolest looking characters in the history of film…

Yeah, this movie really was stupid. As far as parodies go, it's not exactly up there on the list. But hey, this is obviously not a serious work of art. This was purely money motivated sequel, decided upon as soon as the original became a huge hit.
I don't think this one will be as huge, but it will have it's fans.
And despite it's sheer stupidity, I laughed a lot, sometimes in spite of myself.
So I guess I'll go ahead and count myself as one of it's fans afterall…