Guy Ritchie just married Madonna, and is the father of Rocco, her brand spanking new bouncing baby boy.

But all of that is irrelevant to this review of a new crime caper called Snatch.
Written and directed by Ritchie, itís the follow up to his wacky hit, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. It is in no way a sequel, but unfortunately, according to some critics, itís practically the same movie.
More on that laterÖ

Snatch is a dark humored, high intensity crime flick. Itís mostly British, but has a slightly more International feel due to American and Russian characters. Thereís a lot going on in this movie, and Ritchie does a great job of tying everybody together.

Snatch is an ensemble piece. It has no main character even though there is a narrator, Turkish, played by Jason Statham. Among the cast however, there is one star, Brad Pitt. Pitt plays ďOne PunchĒ Mickey Oniel, a gypsy bare knuckles boxer, who at times is very reminiscent Pittís character in David Fincherís Fight Club. Pitt is both intimidating and hilarious in this role! Intimidating due to his appearance, which is embellished by several tattoos, and hilarious due to the fact that his character is practically unintelligible. I think I understood about one word per sentence. Another great acting job by Brad Pitt!

Also in the film is Benecio Del Toro, who ironically played the unintelligible character in another crime flick, Usual Suspects. Iíve actually not seen too much of Del Toro, but heís really good in Snatch.
Dennis Farina is also in Snatch, and as usual heís great, even though his character is almost a clone of his Get Shorty character. The rest of the cast are pretty much complete unknowns to me. Mostly British, there are a few vaguely recognizable faces, but no real names I recognize. A stand out among them is Alan Ford as Brick Top, a tough boxing promoter. He is downright scary!

OK, so I mentioned that this movie is very similar to itís predecessor, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Well, it is. However, if you liked that one, it doesnít mean you wonít enjoy this one. And if you havenít seen Lock, you have nothing to worry about because this movie is in no way related to that oneÖ
Snatch is a lot of fun. Itís dark, and very violent, but not too graphic as to whatís shown on the screen. Ritchie has obviously been influenced by Tarantino and Fincher, and very likely, Oliver Stone as well. His movies are never boring.
Theyíre definitely a lot of fun.