I don't like Cowboy movies.
I don't like Martial Arts movies.
So why did I like Shanghai Noon?
Well I guess because it was a pretty funny Martial Arts Cowboy movie, and I like funny, a lot.

Shanghai Noon stars Jackie Chan as an Imperial Guard for the Chinese Emperor who comes to the American West to rescue a kidnapped Princess. Along the way he begrudgingly befriends Owen Wilson, who plays a bumbling outlaw. Of course a lot of predictable shit happens a long the way, but it's OK. As pure escapist entertainment the movie works just fine.

Jackie Chan is really amazing. He really does come up with some wacky shit. How he hasn't killed himself by now I just don't know. And he's so endearing too…he seems to be such a nice guy. ( I dunno, maybe he's a prick…but he SEEMS like a nice guy). Anyway he's pretty good in the movie.

I really liked Owen Wilson. His sort of laid back California speak worked really well set against the tough Western back drop. He was much more enjoyable here than in that God-Awful remake of The Haunting. UGH!
Lucy Liu plays the Princess and she's fine in the movie as well. I'm just getting a little tired of her though…she's like everywhere lately. But hey that's my problem, aint it.

Overall, Shanghai Noon was a lot of fun. I think you'll like it…