You know, for a week I was annoying my entire office by walking around going, "He's already pulled over. He can't pull over any farther!", an already well known line from the just released Super Troopers. So I didn't even wait and saw the movie Friday right after work.
Well, unfortunately, I didn't love the movie, but I did laugh quite a bit, so all's well that ends well.

Written, directed by and starring the members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, this movie looks like it was a blast to make, and most of that transfers to the screen. It is a funny movie, but a rather thin one, with a lot of bits that are just that, bits, with no other purpose than to just try and be funny. Some hit the mark. Others miss. The film has a strange look too…kinda like an 80's low budget movie. I dunno if that was planned or not, but it kinda fit.

The main cast, the aforementioned comedy troupe which out of pure laziness I will not name individually, are all very funny, and a couple of them have the acting down pretty well. I wonder if the buzz around this movie will lead to another film by the troupe; Not a sequel, but another original idea. That would be interesting to see how they've progressed.
The surprising thing to me is that two veteran character actors have roles in Super Troopers, Brian Cox (the original onscreen Dr. Hannibal Lecter!) and Daniel Von Bargen who had roles in SHAFT and THE MAJESTIC. No, they're not household names, but they've been around, so I was surprised to see them here. There's also a cute actress here, Marisa Coughlan. I don't think I've seen her before, but I wouldn't mind seeing her again…

So Super Troopers isn't the best thing out there, but it will make you laugh, and that's a good thing.