So I chose Zach Snyderís visually stunning Sucker Punch to break my Netflix inspired / enabled vacation from theatrical releases.
I hadnít been to a movie since November 2010. Dayum!

I donít even know what to say about Sucker Punch. I didnít enjoy Zach Snyderís WATCHMEN, but I did appreciate what he was able to do with it. Here I can say that I appreciate what heís done as a filmmaker even more, and that I did enjoy a lot of it, but Iím not sure how good of a movie it is.
Itís kind of out there. But it sure is pretty to look at.

Sucker Punch is one of those movies where telling almost anything is almost saying too much. Iíll just say thereís a lot going on and itís never boring. At times it does feel like a long form music video, which Iím sure annoys some people. Personally I feel the visuals were strong enough to keep me interested despite the lack of dialogue. I found the cast engaging and believable despite the way over the top nature of the movie.
Emily Browning took some getting used to with her bleached blonde hair, but I think she was excellent. I wasnít familiar with Abbie Cornish, but she was really great and I would like to see a lot more of her. Vanessa Hudgens once again impressed me. I was pleasantly surprised by her performance in BandSlam, and here sheís even better. Jena Malone is always good, and hereís no exception. Not familiar with Jamie Chung, but she was pretty good too.
Iíve loved Carla Gugino forever, and here she has a Russian accent(I think) and well, I love her all the more for it. Mz Gugino was also in Watchmen, so maybe sheís Snyderís muse and will show up in all his movies. Please? (Sadly sheís too old to play Lois Lane in relation to the Superman Snyder cast.)
OK, Iím not familiar with Oscar Isaac, but I know he was the baddy in Russell Croweís Robin Hood and he was in a pretty interesting flick I saw on DVD called Agora. Man, I hated him in this movie, which has to mean he was good in his role, right?

OK, so this movie has been getting a lot of hate.
Some of it is because itís plot light and effects heavy. The old style vs substance argument. Maybe thatís merited. I donít know. Some of the complaints are about how weird it is. Like, itís too much of a mindfuck, but not necessarily a successful one. Maybe. But most of the complaints Iíve seen have been about Sucker Punch being pure male fantasy. About it being misogynistic. Sexist. I donít get it. Yes, the gals wear too much make up (way too much, really) and rather skimpy clothing, but so what? Yes some women are portrayed as victims here, but the bad guys are shown as bad guys and not glamorized at all. And all the bad ass characters in the flick are females. Why are people complaining? I just donít get it.
This movie isnít for everybody, but at the very least itís a cool rental. Even if the story isnít all that, Snyderís direction and vision is impressive. I definitely look forward to his next effort.

B +