I don't watch too many teen movies anymore.
I'm just too old and tired to be watching the young beautiful people of Hollywood strut their stuff.
(My heart can only take so much!)

Sugar and Spice is a teen movie, with a twist.
First off, most of the actors involved are at least slightly older than their characters.
Secondly, this movie is at times way too intelligent to be considered a teen flick.

The basic story of Sugar and Spice is about a group of cheerleader friends that come up with a crazy way to make some money. I feel that getting into more detail would give a way too much, although the commercials do show more details, and other reviews have given more facts. Unlike Bring It On a movie about cheerleaders and cheerleading, this film is more about characters that happen to be cheerleaders. The cheerleading is important to the story, but the story does not revolve around it.

Sugar and Spice has a very attractive ensemble cast.
The head cheerleader is played by Marley Shelton. She's a very pretty, perfect little cracker chick. And she's very good at comedy. All I can clearly remember her from is the incredible Pleasantville, but I think she's in the newly released Valentine as well. Mena Suvari again plays a cheerleader, but no she's not reprising her role from American Beauty. Here she plays Kansas, the tough as nails, bad ass chick. Every group has one you know. Marla Sokoloff is also in the movie, but not as one of the main cheerleaders. She is very good in her role as a total little princess. She was recently in the very bad Dude, Where's My Car. I can definitely see her developing into a Bonnie Hunt, or Marisa Tomei style-supporting actress. She's very good.

The rest of the cast includes James Mardsen, Cyclops from The X-Men, as an extremely idealistic young football captain. Turns out he's very good at comedy, and I liked him here much more than in The X-Men.
Alexandra Holden, Rachel Blanchard, Sara Marsh and Melissa George round out the rest of the cast, and the cheerleading squad. I dunno who Melissa George is, but damn, she's beautiful. All in all, great performances all around.

Sugar and Spice was written by Mandy Nelson, and directed by Francine McDougall. I'm not familiar with either of them, but I think they did a great job of injecting grown up humor and energy into a what could have been a teen wash-out.
I will definitely keep my eyes open for something new from Nelson and McDougall… oh and Melissa George.