The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

After their lackluster (in my opinion, anyway) take on CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton team up again, and this time, itís awesome!

Based on the famed Steven Sondheim musical, Sweeney Todd tells the story of a wronged barber, who teams up with a pie maker, to exact a bizarre and gruesome vengeance upon society.

Depp plays Benjamin Barker, a happy barber whose world is torn asunder when a corrupt judge, played by Alan Rickman, has Depp tossed in prison. The barber had done nothing wrong, but the judge hungrily lusts after the barberís wife, and eventually takes her and their child.
When Depp returns to London many years later, he has changed his name to Sweeney Todd, and he hooks up with Mrs Lovett, a down on her luck pie maker. Helena Bonham Carter plays the pie maker, and as usual, she is awesome. Her voice takes a little getting used to, but it worked for me. Far from perfect, but in my opinion perfect for the movie.

Deppís voice is actually pretty good, and again, fits the mood of the movie perfectly. The fact that he and Carterís appearance is semi-goth and ghastly is another plus for me, as Iím into weird dark stuff. In fact, the movie as a whole has a dark, gothic look, and really sets the mood nicely.
Iím so glad Tim Burton returned to top form once again.
I love his stuff when heís dark!

The aforementioned Alan Rickman is excellent as usual, with his unusual delivery, and another Harry Potter alum, Timothy Spall, who is really, really sleazy in the role, but very good, too.
Also in the film is Sacha Baron Cohen, yep, Borat himself, as a rival barber at odds with Sweeney Todd. Heís a little cartoony in the role, but apparently by design, so thatís well and good.
Finally, Ed Sanders plays Toby, a young assistant.
He looks familiar to me but this may be his first film. He did a great job with a pretty hard roleÖ

The music in Sweeney Todd is pretty awesome, and rather dark and gritty for a Broadway show. (Phew!) Itís adapted from the original music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler by Christopher Bond. I was sure it was Danny Elfman, because the music was dark and stuff, but obviously the musicalís been around for a while, so nope, not this time.
Good stuff!

Sweeney Todd is pretty gory, but itís almost too over the top to notice. Itís not the greatest film in terms of plot or characterization, but itís good enough, and visually, and musically, itís very entertaining.