3 Mini Movie "Reviews"

Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is the best sports movie I've seen since BaseketBall. Ok, I'm kidding, but I didn't hate that movie as much as everybody else seemed to.
Anyway, Any Given Sunday has a great ensemble cast, led by Al Pacino, who I'm not crazy about, but he was great here. The stand outs for me were Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.
Jamie Foxx absolutely blew me away. Forget everything you've seen from him before. There isn't a trace of his sitcom characters in this movie! He is really impressive in what is for the most part a dramatic role.
Cameron Diaz is always good, so that wasn't a surprise. This movie is directed by Oliver Stone. I'm not crazy about him or his movies, but I really enjoyed this one. Even though it's pretty much a straight forward sports movie, it still has plenty of Stone razzle dazzle.
Heh, I actually used razzle dazzle in a sentence. God help us all.

Man On The Moon

I never liked Andy Kaufman.
Now I saw Man On The Moon, a biography of Andy Kaufman.
I still don't like Andy Kaufman.
STILL, I had to see this movie because I know Jim Carrey is Kevin Spacey's biggest competition for the Best Actor Oscar.
Jim Carrey WAS amazing. But Kevin, you're a lock!
So I guess overall, I didn't really love the movie.

Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigalo

Look, I was bored OK. And I wanted to laugh. And while The Talented Mr Ripley is being touted as a really great film, I wasn't in the mood.
So I saw Deuce Bigalow. I'm glad I did.
Sure, it's really, really stupid. Sure you see everything coming a mile away. But so what. It's purpose is to entertain you and make you laugh for about 90 minutes, and it does.
Rob Schneider is a very funny guy, and as usual, he's very likeable here. I'm not sure he will ever be a big hit like Adam Sandler, but hey, stranger things have happened.