Greta Gaines - Tori Amos - Alanis Morissette

Wednesday August 18, 1999 National Car Rental Center Sunrise(Ft Lauderdale) Florida

I haven't been to a concert since METALLICA at the Orlando Arena in 1996. Last week I went to the opening night of the Tori Amos & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks concert tour. It was, in a word, AMAZING! I went with my buddy Joey (as in Joey's Film Geek Web Site...see, it all ties together). We got there a little early, because it was the first time for either of us at that venue (The National Car Rental Center, where the Florida Panthers NHL Hockey team play). It's a beautiful facility, but the $10 parking fee was NOT appreciated. Anyway, right off the bat, there was a highlight (for weird old me anyway) Madison, the former Wonder Bra Spoke's Model Person was walking around interviewing people for VH-1 (her new gig, I guess). No, she didn't interview us, but hey, it's not everyday a dork like me sees a Supermodel!

So we went in, got in line for expensive but cool T-Shirts, and found our seats. At that point i bought a Tori shirt. The seats were pretty good! (They could have been better, especially when it comes to Tori Amos. I mean, you just want to see the emotion on her face, and that special sparkle in her eye). The lights went out, and out on to a small area at the front of the stage, walked out Greta Gaines, with her guitarist and a guy with a small set of conga drums who just may have been Tori Amos' drummer just lending a helping hand. I had never heard of Greta before, but she was a very pleasant surprise! She was sort of alterna-rockabilly-pop. She even wore a cowboy hat, because she could dammit! She only played a few songs, but they were very cool, as was her personality. I'm definitely going to buy her debut CD, which is available now!

Next up was Tori Amos, who to be honest, was my main attraction to the show. She was incredible! Her set was mostly with a band, which was very cool, but for a few glorious numbers it was just Tori and a piano,the way GOD intended it to be! She has this magical essence to her. I mean, I'm not all about "vibes" and what have you, but she just oozes good feelings and emotions. I have to admit, at times I was a little lost because I was used to hearing her play more solo style music as opposed to with a pretty rocking band, but overall, it was an incredible set. She DID NOT end her set with the tragic song that's become her trademark of sorts, Me and a Gun, a haunting accopella memoir of her rape at gun point, and I was kind of glad of that. Better for her to go out on a high point, and she did!

To finish off the night, Alanis Morissette hit the stage. My first reaction when planning to go see the concert was one of, "OK, I wanna go see Tori, and ok, fine, I'll see Alanis too", but as soon as started singing, I forgot all that. Her charisma is definitely different than Tori's, but she is just as engaging in her own way. She actually seems very friendlty and innocent in her on stage talk, and seems genuinely moved by all of the the adulation her fans show her. She put on a very good show, even if at times her on stage "dancing" was a bit frightening. I was really thrilled that she did Forgiven,becuase I LOVE that song! She did two encores, Thank U & not surprisingly, Ironic.

After the show, I was so pumped, that I decided to buy another shirt (Alanis' this time). Overall, it was a great concert and a great night. Sure, I have never spent more money at a concert (start to finish)in my life, but it was all well worth it.

Visit Greta Gaines'OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about an awesome up and coming artist.