I’m only giving the new Jackie Chan flick, The Tuxedo one star.
Sad to say though, had it been practically any other leading man, I probably would have given it two stars.

I saw The Tuxedo as the special advanced screening guest of JOEY THE FILM GEEK. He’s cool like that.
As soon as it was over, I turned t him and said, "good thing it was free".
This is a surprisingly bad movie.
But again, I think it would have been better with another lead.

I was actually surprised by how much I liked Jennifer Love Hewitt in this movie. I’m not a big fan of her’s, but I thought she did a great job considering the material she had to work with. She was more than just eye candy here, but that’s not to say that candy wasn’t very sweet anyway.
I also liked the villain, the clichéd, over the top villain as expected, but played well by Ritchie Coster, who I don’t remember ever seeing before.
Peter Stormare, who I thought would be a bigger "star" by now, continues in small, kinda throwaway roles playing a “mad scientist”, for lack of a better term.
Jason Issacs is hardly used, but does a nice job as a James Bond clone.

This movie is badly put together, badly directed, badly written, and badly edited.
(Just look at that insect selling woman…what is up there?)
Still, it’ll probably be a hit with younger viewers that watch the animated Jackie Chan Adventures on WB Staurday mornings…
Oh wait, I watch those too.