It could have been so easy. 31 years ago, my Mother could have told my Dad she had a fucking headache, and VOILA, no me!
Well, that being said, it's not like I was planned...I know for a fact that I was a mistake. No really...I was told as much.
I just don't wanna play this game any more. I mean, why am I playing? What the fuck am I gonna get out of it? WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT?!?

I often wonder how beautiful the world would be if Humans never showed their ugly faces. Think about it. Have you ever seen anything truly ugly in nature? Nope. Imagine a world NEVER touched by Man. See, THAT'S Utopia!
People just fuck everything up.

But I guess I should stop bitching about the rest of the Human Population. Let's face it, my problem begins and ends with me.
I'm the fuck up. I'm the failure. I'm the (abundant) waste of human flesh. I'm the fucking mental case. I'm the one with no faith...in myself, or in any kind of Higher Power. I'm the ever aging man, with the mind of a child.

"With a face like this I won't break many hearts...thinking like that, I won't make many friends".
Exactly...that's from a band called Therapy?. (Yeah, the question mark is part of their name)See, they know what I'm talking about...