My opinion may be biased because Iíve always been a sucker for vampires.
Pun intended.
But seriously, I rather enjoyed Underworld.

Underworld is a great big blended mix of vampires and werewolves and The Matrix and mafia movies, and even a little bit hint of Shakespearian star-crossed lovers. Itís not truly original in any of the genres, but imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, so itís all good.

Kate Beckinsale plays Selene, a rebellious member of the Vampire clan who are deeply embroiled in a blood war with the Lycans (werewolves, silly). But she then gets thrown together with a human who has a connection to the Lycans. Cultures clash. And hilarity ensues.
Kidding. Itís not a comedy. Underworld plays it very straight, which might work against it in the mainstream, but should appease genre fans nicely.

Kate Beckinsale does a really nice job as the no nonsense Selene. She kicks ass, seems to have a conscience of sorts, and looks amazing. Trinity may have worn the tight black outfits first, but Selene makes it look betterÖ
Scott Speedman is the human-Lycan connection. He doesnít do a lot of talking in the movie, but Speedman definitely nailed the ďstrong-silent typeĒ role here and broods nicely.
Shane Brolly plays Kraven, the current leader of the Vampires. Looked the part to a certain extent, but at no time did he truly display the regal demeanor befitting a highly ranking Vampire.
The leader of the Lycans was played nicely by Michael Sheen. He has a Rob Zombie meets Dani Filth thing going on that worked for me. Nice job with the role.
But despite there being many characters, this movie belongs to Beckinsale. I hope she revisits the character in another film.

There are flaws with Underworld. The transformation from human guise to werewolf is impressive, but I think the creatures themselves look ugly. The Vampire world of the film looks kinda cool to me, but I realize for the most part it basically looked like a bunch of Goths. I donít think the movie ever says where itís set, and Speedmanís character definitely seems American, as are, inexplicably, some of the Vampires and Lycans but the city streets are definitely European, as are the cars. And some of the action is way over the top, but thatís cool.

I dunno. Itís a silly, flawed movie, but I liked Underworld.