Sunday, 1/30/00
OK, so I finally read Revelations. Um, I don't get it. Yeah, I guess some of it is rather toubling, but I was expecting much worse. And what's with all the Lovecraft-ian beasts. I have never liked abstract looking "monsters" with multiple eyes, and different body parts from different animals, etc. I dunno, maybe it's just me. They sure did say whoremongers and fornication a lot though. Hmmm. Makes you wonder.
A really big disappointment was this one quote..."Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six."
MAN, Iron Maiden said it so much better as the wickedly delivered prelude by Vincent Price to their song, The Number Of The Beast. They said, "Woe to you, O Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath, for he knows his time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number; It is the number, six hundred and sixty six."
Now, come on, Iron Maiden did it much better, right? Damn straight!
I guess I should also get into all the shit that's been going on in my life...but I won't. Not yet. I'm still trying to cope. Just deal with me, OK?

Saturday, 1/29/00
I have a lot to write about: the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I don't have the time at this particular moment. Sorry.
Hey, it's not like I'm gonna spill all the details anyway.
For now I'll just say that things are pretty much the same, only a little better, and a little worse.
There now, don't you just love reading this page?

Tuesday, 1/25/00
So anyway, I'm in a really, really nasty bad mood. Yeah, yeah, what else is new...
"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes". Not only some of Shakespeare's coolest words, but a damn accurate assessment of my current predicament. There's always something threatening to be ugly, or at least really annoying in my life anyway, so this comes as no surprise.
Still, I really would like a moment's fucking peace of mind, you know? Is that so fucking hard to achieve? Whatever.

Sunday, 1/23/00
So it turned out that Saturday was a good day / night after all. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not I.
Have you ever noticed that patience is one of the harder virtues to come by?
So I tried to clean my car a bit. Considering I don't use it all that much, it sure does get dirty! Sheesh.
I'm listening to Blind Guardian. Because I can.
No movies this weekend. I better see something soon or I'll go into withdrawals. Hell, I can't even think of an upcoming movie I'm really looking forward to. Well, except for Disney's Tarzan which is on video next month. I can't wait! That was a greatfuckingmovie! You saw it, right? Well see it!
What else...Oh, I guess I'm obligated to bitch about work, or at least say that I don't wanna go back tomorrow. Well I'm gonna buck the tradition. So there.
OK, that's it really. OH, I got the new Neil Gaiman paperback, Stardust. Yeah, yeah, I already read it in it's original format, as an illustrated novel. I don't know if it's been expanded, or changed in anyway, but man, if that guy even writes a grocery list, I wanna read it!
OK, bye!

Saturday, 1/22/00
So, how are things? Me? Well, there's good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. Last night however, was a good night. A very good night. It's always a shame when a good thing has to come to an end. Hopefully there will be more good nights to come.
Today? Nah, pretty boring overall. I mean, it 's OK, but well, you know how it goes. (God, I am so fucking vague, aint I?)
So I'm listening to Guano Apes right now, and Damn It, so should you!
The Golden Globes are tomorrow night. I wanna see who gets what. They aren't as important to me as the Oscars, but I still like watching.
Heh, I like to watch...

Wednesday, 1/19/00
So it's been a few days. Some have been good. Some not too good. More to the point, some moments in time during the past days have been very good! But, as usual, the majority has not been time well spent.
However, like I said, the good was pretty fucking good: I finally saw the hit musical, Jekyll & Hyde! It was AMAMZING! Wow! I was blown away. I will definitely see it again the next time it comes around. (By the way, if you think musicals are lame, or "for fags", fuck you, get some culture, and see one, you fuck!)
Also good was the movie, Girl, Interrupted. I'm not big on Winona Ryder, and it is her movie, but she was very good in it. However, my draw to this movie, and why I liked it as much as I did, was Angelina Jolie! WOW! You know who she is, right? Well, you should damn it! She is an amazing actress who also happens to be SO fucking hot it's scary! I mean, even in Girl, where she was kinda playing a skanky mental patient type, she looked delicious! You should check it out.
What else. Um, well, I don't want to get into what else, OK? I mean, Fucking A, I just don't feel like being my usual whiny-ass self right now. That being said though, believe me when I say that right now I feel about the worse overall than I have in a very long time...if not ever. I know, I know, that sounds like a stretch.
Man, if only it was.

Thursday, 1/13/00
Well, so what have we learned this week?
Let's see. We've learned that I stress out rather easily.
We've learned that I have a very bad temper.
We've learned that I really gotta get it together.
In other words, nothing new here.
But enough about me...how you doing?

Tuesday, 1/11/00
I totally have forgotten that if we all survived reaching the year 2000, I was gonna read that Revelations book. Ooops. I'll get to it soon, and I'll let you know when the world is REALLY gonna end. Deal?
So work has been just as crazy as I knew it was gonna be. Staying late one day, coming extra early the next. Joy. Tomorrow should be another wonderful day.
I haven't been watching much TV lately, but tonight's the (delayed) Season Premiere of NYPD Blue, so I'm gonna try and watch it. You should too. It's a good show, don'tcha know?
Man, I aint got nothing else to say. Not a thing. Sad, aint it?

Sunday, 1/9/00
Well, it's been a little while, huh? There's not really all that much to report on anyway, but I figured I really had to put in an appearance already.
So let's see. No new movies this weekend. I'm starting to lose interest in Magnolia, and at this point The Talented Mr Ripley is off my list. I do wanna see Fantasia 2000, but I hate the fact that it's only playing in one place, and it's a place I've never been to. I just don't like going to places where the "Beautiful People" reign supreme.
Work? Oh boy. Things there are absolutely hectic, but I must admit, it's not the typical annoying bullshit that place is so famous for. Nope, this is just purely workload related. I think the company is taking on more work than we can handle with it's existing work force; i.e. ME! Not that I do all the work there. Not even close. Actually I'm lazier than roadkill in winter. It's just that I AM the one directly affected by this particular kind of workload. Joy. Well, at least if it becomes an overtime issue...let's just say I REALLY need the money.
What else. Hmmm...Little Gypsy? Well, she's sort of MIA this weekend, so of course I'm bummed about that. Our's is quite the complicated little relationship, you know. SHHH...I'm not supposed to call it a relationship.
Sometimes I am SO confused...

Sunday, 1/2/00
Well, it's the New Year. The start of the New Millenium.
We SEEM to have made it pretty well through the whole Y2K thing.
So let's move on. I really hate end of the year babbling about the past year, etc. But I guess I am sort of obligated to make some sort of comment about the whole thing.
Well, I guess it was a weird year for me. I mean, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I say that because even though on the surface I seem to be in the exact same place I was a year ago, underneath that surface there are a lot of subtle, and maybe even some not so subtle changes.
All I can hope is that these changes are for the best. For right now, they do seem to be for the best. I just don't want to get too ahead of myself, and set myself up for a huge fall.
I'm just not sure how many more falls I can take, you know?
Well, I guess it's back to work tomorrow. After four days off, that is not something I am looking forward to.
We'll see what this New Year has to say about that...